Cayeux-Sur-Mer Casino: The Secret Of Customer Loyalty

The Cayeux-sur-mer casino still exists today despite the difficulties, including the current crisis that is raging in all casinos in France and of course the global economic crisis. The casino is 22 years old and its secrets lie in many facets of its establishment.

Cayeux-Sur-Mer Casino And Its Facilities

The casino now has 50 machines including 7 video poker. Its administrators are careful about the wishes of its customers on this point. As a result, trips are often made to renew its stock of slot machines. Its machines have their peculiarity, which allows customers to remain loyal.

There is also a machine representing Michael Jackson and a which comes to life when you get a win. There are also fun machines that offer an interaction option and that offer the possibility of playing free games. More than 700,000 euros in winnings are distributed by the casino. It must be said that these differences mean that customers travel far enough to come to the casino.

Other Infrastructures That Also Make The Difference

Apart from its casino, the establishment also includes a restaurant which can seat 50 people, it also has a satisfactory service. There is also its reception room including a dance floor with sound system. It can host many events, with a possibility of 100 seats.

Its large screen installed in the living room offers the possibility of seeing broadcasts of all kinds. But it is also exceptional by its location facing the sea, appreciable on the terrace. It also allows to admire the longest way for the board in Europe. The casino is also one of a kind, as it makes a point of paying attention to its customers. It also offers coffee as well as petits fours for its customers.

Loyal customers never leave empty-handed at this casino. Gifts are offered to them without the need for a loyalty card. Soon its administrators plan to renew its fleet of machines to have even more originality. For that, direction Las Vegas and Macao. The casino finds quite original machines there which are offered in the various lounges. The choice of machines is for them a real job in its own right. All this mixture promises a very friendly atmosphere far from the image we have of casinos.